I really, really hate spiders.  So when I had coffee with Peter Puna last week and he said he had his spider in the car, the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  But then he brought in this really cool belt, AKA the ‘Spider,’  that acts as a holster for your camera.  Kind of like a bat belt, only for photographer, super hero type Batmen and women.  So of course, I asked Gregg if he carried these at Imagetech.

Here’s the reply, “Yes I have sold and stocked SPIDER products (Black widow & belt..79.99) since their inception.”

Apparently Spider brand has a machined stainless version of the belt, as well as other harness and holster goodies. Gregg advised that he also has a B- grip (49.99) in stock.  Definitely worth checking out. For more information about this innovative piece of kit, you can visit the Spider website at www.spiderholster.com/

Peter was nice enough to model this one for me.

Spider Holster

Seems like a really nice bit of gear that will save your back on some of those hikes and long walks, while making your camera easily accessible. And of course….Imagetrekkers members get 10% off on great photography accessories like this.