John Gregor to Visit Imagetrekkers

John Gregor Cold Snap Photography

John Gregor of ColdSnap Photography will present recent work and discuss how and why he chooses the subjects he photographs at the December 8th meeting of the Club. Gregor has over 38 years experience as a professional photographer. He is best known for his landscape and location/travel photography. His work has been published in numerous […]

Three Things Every Photographer Needs to Understand

This past week the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center had speakers from the Imagetrekkers club talking about the joy of photography and the basics of taking a good picture. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to speak on Friday, September 11th.  The presentation was well received, and several participants asked for a […]


I really, really hate spiders.  So when I had coffee with Peter Puna last week and he said he had his spider in the car, the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  But then he brought in this really cool belt, AKA the ‘Spider,’  that acts as a holster for your camera.  Kind […]

F-Stoppers Posts Rip-Off Warning

Yesterday, the heavy-hitter photography news site ‘F-Stoppers’ posted a news article warning people to stay away from a website, which they say will ‘steal your photos.’ In this day and age of easy litigation, F-Stoppers would have to be pretty sure that your information was correct before going out and making that type of claim AND naming […]

The Trouble with Tin Foil

Last week we gave a short information session at our club BBQ on the use of reflectors in natural light settings. We talked about the different colors of reflectors and experimented with using them in different positions to cast light on our model. (Thanks for being our model Li!) We talked about sizes, and prices […]