BBQ Club Event

Last night we held our first summer event.  The BBQ at Nancy’s house was well attended, and a good time was had by all.  A special hanks to Peter for the awesome BBQ skills and to Savanah for the home-made pizza. Even the crust was made from scratch. Several mini tutorials were held on off camera flash, macro photography and the use of reflectors in natural light settings.  A bonfire and the release of Chinese lanterns rounded out the evening. Who knew that those lanterns would soar so high?
Here’s an image by Li from the Macro session. Dandelion fluffs up close.

Dandelion Fluffs by Li Ming Yu

3 thoughts on “BBQ Club Event

  1. Great BBQ yesterday. The food was good and I enjoyed meeting members and the information sessions. This website looks good and is quick too. Good job.

  2. Li…..very good photo…excellent actually, of the dandelion… had me very curious and guessing until I saw the caption…Kathryn

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