Hang On! by Li Ming Yu
Snow Tugboats by Lois Nuttall
Misty Marsh by Ken Shurget
Travellers by Nancy Tillberg
Charlee by Peter Puna
Country Skies by Shannon Primmer
Fog Approaches by Ken Shurget
Fluff by Li Ming Yu
Dallas Intense by Peter Puna
Bonzai! by Shannon Primmer
Fairyland by Nancy Tillberg
Artistic Skies by Lois Nuttall
Imagetrekkers Photography Club was founded in 2005 by Gregg Johns, owner of IMAGETECH (his photography store) in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. That makes us the longest running photo club anywhere in the area. The beauty of Northwestern Ontario, the variety of people, and the many regional activities breeds a great number of “shutter-bugs.” Our club was born out of a desire to create a common community interested in fun, friendship, and challenges.

Our club has seen dramatic changes in the past two years, due in part to changes in technology.  Today, our membership is open to all ages and skill levels, whether you are an 18 year old aspiring pro, or a 75 year old enthusiast just learning about your new camera. We welcome students in high school, college and university. The gear you choose to use will always be welcome too.  Got a cell phone? Fantastic! Did you know that international awards were won in 2016 with cell phone pictures?  Point and shoot?  Fantastic. Learn how to use the camera you have and the world of photography opens up to you.  New members are always welcome! Our club currently has hundreds of years of collective  experience that we are ready to share with you! Check out our MEMBERSHIP Page for all the benefits of membership!

View our sponsors page for member discounts on local products.

Every good club has a community of head honchos at the top, who meet regularly to plan out the club activities and keep things running smoothly. Please meet our planning board:

The Old Hen (she used to rule the roost):  Lois
She Who Rules the Roost: Nancy
2IC (Second in Command): Janice, Ken
Keeper of the Sacred Membership List: Janice
Newsletter: Ken
Wandering At Large: Peter & Paul

If you’re wondering if Imagetrekkers is for you, check out our Membership page. The current rate to join is $30.00/year  with the student rate set at $25.00. Our regular rate will see an increase on March 1, 2017.   Check our our events calendar for a lineup of confirmed events. Oh…and you WON’T BELIEVE what else we’ve got in store. Guess you’ll have to join to find out! 

Home page images: ‘Light Painting’ by Ron Fearon; ‘Winter Bird’ by Lucy Keetch; ‘Sun Salutations’ by Ron Lacy; ‘Dallas’ by Peter Puna; ‘Night House’ by Lois Nuttall.