A New Website!

Imagetrekkers Home Page Screen Shot

Imagetrekkers Home Page Screen Shot

We’ve launched a new web page!  Whoot!  Our new site has some very big changes from our previous design which include:

  • The removal of member and categorized galleries.
  • Sleek home page
  • New Events Calendar
  • Galleries of Challenges
  • Blog
  • Member’s only page
  • Registration form

For those of you missing the member’s galleries … Our old site featured the ability to upload your own photos into a gallery style app. Unfortunately the app was difficult and slow to use.  The vast majority of people chose not to use this feature. Consequently it was removed from the new site.  Our new member’s page  will list all our current participants and will have a link to each individual’s favourite place to upload their photos.  Member’s can choose to link to their website, Flicker or Facebook account or any other gallery that they currently use to showcase their work.  Those who wish not to share their images will have that option as well.

Challenge galleries will allow those who missed the presentations at the meetings to see the entries.  These galleries will be updated regularly.

The new member’s only page will have all of the information that will help folks navigate the site, learn new skills, participate in events and just have fun in general.

Our website will act a core marketing tool to inform potential new members, showcase current members and connect everyone to all the social media sites being used by our members.

We hope you like it!